L&Q Grove Park Towers

UL are carrying out a refurbishment works at Merryfield House and Kingsfield House, both 11-storey blocks of flats.

The works are extensive and includes:

  • Communal drainage works
  • Removal and re-installation of existing kitchen units
  • Replacement of existing waste service pipes from kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Fire stopping works to services duct and dwellings.
  • Associated electrical works.
  • Other ancillary work such as extractor fans and swapping the drainer orientation.
  • Additional space heating including for storage heaters.
  • Decoration and flooring to kitchen and bathroom.
  • Flat Entrance Door replacement.

As the works are extensive, we helped residents to decant, providing packing boxes and helping hands assistance to support residents to clear their kitchen and bathroom ahead of the works. As other areas of the building remain occupied, we have designed our works to work as quietly as possible to minimise noise and disruption.