Thurrock Transforming Homes

Transforming Homes is the name of the programme to refurbish all council homes in Thurrock.

The programme covers:

  • kitchens that are over 20 years-old
  • bathrooms that are over 30 years-old
  • boilers that are over 15 years-old
  • electrics that are over 25 years-old
  • windows that are either over 30 years or are single-glazed
  • roofs that are over 40 or 50 years-old, depending on type

Thurrock Council also aims to maximise energy efficiency and eradicate damp and mould through this programme.

Each property will be surveyed to agree an exact plan of works. Surveys will take about 4 weeks to complete for each property, and will consider their individual needs.

Your home will still have working facilities at the end of each day’s work, so you will not have to move out while improvements take place. If you have additional support needs then please discuss them with your resident liaison officer.

The programme of internal works ended in 2019 and we moved on to external improvements to the estates. These will include the renewal of any single-glazed windows that remain.