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Your carbon footprint and how to reduce it

There are many things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and household bills. By following a few simple tips and suggestions you can easily reduce emissions and more importantly save money!

These range from simple steps such as switching off appliances, only boiling the water you need, taking a shower instead of a bath, turning your thermostat down and closing your curtains. To bigger things like lifestyle changes and home improvements.

There are many websites that offer good advice, we would recommend the Energy Saving Trust

Click here for our energy saving tips

Save water - every drop counts

Water consumption isn’t just about the water you use at home, it also relates to the products you consume, an example being your morning cup of coffee which takes 130 litres to produce. On average each person within a household uses 150 litres of water per day but this figure skyrockets into the thousands when water embedded within products for consumption is taken into account.

By making a few changes to your daily or weekly routine you could potentially reduce the amount of money you spend on your water bill as well as reduce the amount of energy used to clean and heat your water.

Visit everylastdrop for an interactive guide on water consumption. For more information and tips on how to save money click on one of the links below:

Heating your home

During the winter months it can become quite costly to heat your home. There are a few measures you can take to reduce your heating bills without losing out on keeping warm. Installing draught-proofing equipment, using rugs or even using a smart meter can help keep heating costs down, whilst also helping you retain heat in your home.

You can find some great advice and more tips on ways to heat your home for less by following the link below or visiting the Energy Saving Trust.

There are grants available for those most at risk during the winter as well as assistance available for people on certain benefits, follow the links below to find out more and check your eligibility:

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